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Anything But Ordinary

14 September
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I am 28 years old and currently looking for a job while taking care of my grandmother, since I finished school (Got a BA in Social Work). I am from Hungary and well, this is my Livejournal page. Most of the fanwork is public but some things might get friends locked. I do mostly fanart but I write and used to do vids on occassion. (Please see the note in the masterpost up top in regards to the vids.) Most of the work is Supernatural as it was my main fandom (it still is special to me though and I am still a Sam girl and a Jared fan), but there is a smattering of non SPN stuff. If I am not online, I read or listen to music and mess on the computer. Or just watch TV. Pretty boring person, huh?

Supernatural, Natsume Yuujinchou, All things CLAMP, especially things that have to do with Tokyo babylon, X/1999 and of course SeixSub and a variety of anime/manga