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SPN Fic: Points Of Authority 1/?

Well I am slowly but surely making a comeback. In the fandom that is. Here is my latest installment. Enjoy!

Title: Points Of Authority- Chapter 1

Author: Fandrea (aka Cinca)



Gen PG 13 or T

Violence and Limp!Sam. Also some bad words.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Neighter the show nor it's characters. Or the title, which is from Linkin Park.

Summary: The brothers are back together. And they are stronger, better together then apart in the face of the apocalypse right? Wrong? Set after 5x04.

Beta: mikiya2200 was the extremely speedy beta. Thanks hun, I owe ya! ;-)

This is for the comment fic meme currently going on at ohsam . This was a respond for authoressnebula 's prompt here. Sorry to post this late, have been a little busy and this bugger ran away with me. LOL Hope you like it! :-)

Three days. It had been three days since Dean had taken took him back. Back into the hunt and back into his life. Something Sam had thought would never happen. Dean had made it very clear over the phone that he thought they were better off apart. He was better off apart. Sam was a liability right now. He could compromise his brothers mission.

Sam stared out the window of the Impala morosely, watching the scenery pass by. They might have been back, but they were not back. Back as in SamandDean, the team they used to be. And it was mostly--no completely--he reminded himself, his fault. Even now, the silence in the car spoke volumes.

Dean wouldn’t talk to him more then than necessary, but he would disappear for awhile to talk to Castiel. And when he came back he refused to share what they had been talking about. The only clue Sam had, that it had to do something with the Apocalypse currently going on, were the hunts Dean sometimes directed them on. He didn’t trust Sam enough to share any information with him, let alone let Sam fight alongside him. But could Sam blame him? It was not like he could be trusted, not after screwing around with a demon, drinking her blood and consequently letting Lucifer--the freakin’ Devil himself--out. Not after a whole year of lying and betraying his brother. Oh no, Sam had no room to complain, he was fine with all of that and more. And he would take all of that if it meant they could stay together, it was a small price to pay. Even if it hurt worse than anything he had ever experienced before.

Suddenly he felt the Impala come to a stop and he looked up, seeing the lights of a motel before them. He hadn’t even noticed when it had got dark or when they had entered a town. Dean was already getting out of the car to check them in by the time Sam had taken in his surroundings and he took his cue to gather his things from the trunk. He got his duffel out and turned to see that Dean had already returned with a room key.

„Room 22.” he said simply, brushing past Sam to get his own duffel. Sam headed inside into the general direction of their room mutely.


The evening went by just as quietly. Sam was typing away on his laptop to find a hunt and Dean was channel surfing. That was until Dean found one of the local channels with the news on. Sam hadn’t really been paying attention, but a report made him look up.

„A brutal murder shakes up the quiet town of garber. A dead body of a man was found this morning in the woods. The police invastigation so far has revealed that the man is a bartender at a local bar…”

The reporter continued on but Sam wasn’t listening. He knew the guy. He had been his boss when he had worked at a bar as a choreboy. He hadn’t even realized they were in Garber, Oklahoma. He instantly had a sick feeling in his stomach.

Dean looked at him curiously. „What?” He asked seeing his brothers reaction.

Sam quickly composed himself. „Nothing.”

„Sam?” Dean asked a little more forcefully.

Sam sighed. He knew Dean wouldn’t let it go.

„He was my boss. When I worked at a bar.” He said finally.

„Oh.” Was all Dean said. „You didn’t even mention that to me.” He looked at Sam again. This was what Sam was afraid of. He didn’t really want to discuss when some hunters had wanted to feed him demon blood to use him as some personal demon-killing machine. Deans trust was broken enough as it was. And he didn’t want to think about the failed hunt he sat out. What if this was connected to it? He couldn’t ignore it. But Deans voice pulled him out of musings.

„Come to think of it, you never told me anything about what you were up to.”

„Nothing. I was working. I was a choreboy at a bar.” Sam said simply.

„And what about hunting?” Dean asked.

„I wasn’t hunting anything. I didn’t even had any IDs on me.”

„How? I thought you took all your fake IDs.”

And that was the part Sam dreaded. „I burned them.” he admitted.

„You WHAT?” Dean looked at his brother, incredulous. „All of them?”

„Yes, I wanted a fresh start.” Sam said. „I wasn’t counting on getting back into the game.” He added quietly.

„And you are just telling me that now? Sam, what if we were on a hunt?”

„I am sorry Dean.” Sam said. „I wasn’t thinking…”
„That’s right, you weren’t.” Dean muttered under his breath. „Just like you weren’t thinking when you were screwing around with Ruby and lying to me.”

Sam was taken aback by the harsh words.

„Dean, you know I never meant for any of this to happen.” Sam pleaded, but it sounded pathetic. Even to his own ears. He knew he had to face his responsibilities. He had to own up to what he had done.

„Well it still happened.” Dean groused. „All thanks to you.”

„I wanted to save you.” Sam said finally. That much--he knew--was true.

„Well this is sure a funny way of doing it.”

„Dean, you know I would have done anything to save you from this, anything to save you from hell.” Sam all but yelled.

„Except it wasn’t you.” Dean yelled back. „It was Castiel. He was the one who pulled me out of the Pit, not you. He was the one who had my back, while you were lying and going with Ruby behind my back.” Dean looked his in the eye. „He was a good partner.”

Unlike you

It hung in the air, unsaid and accusing.

Dean sighed. „You know what? I am too tired for this crap.” He muttered. „I am going out, don’t wait up.” He added grabbing his coat and keys to leave, shutting the door behind him with a dull bang.


Sam stood still, staring at the door unblinking the harsh words playing over and over in his head. Dean still resented him. Of course that wasn’t much of a surprise, considering what he had done. What he might still become. For a moment, he had allowed himself to believe that Dean had really allowed him back into his own life because he really meant that they kept each other human. That they really were better together than apart. And that deep down his brother still loved him. That what they had was not broken beyond repair. But that was clearly not the case. Dean was tired of him and his constant failures that seemed to follow like a bad luck charm. Jess… Dad… Mom… Maddison… Pastor Jim… Caleb… even Bobby was stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of his life and the list could go on.

But his biggest failure was Dean. He couldn’t save him from going to Hell and from the torture that haunted him even to this day. Or get him out of Hell. And now he had started the end of the world by not letting Dean do what he was supposed to. To save the world. He had chosen a demon over him. No wonder the devil thought he was the perfect vessel. He snorted bitterly.

What was he thinking? Dean had just taken him back to keep an eye on him so he wouldn’t say „Yes.”.

Dean hated him.

The realization jolted him out of his stupor and he wandered over to his bed and sat down shakily. They shouldn’t have gotten back. Not when they were still so raw and broken, maybe never able to fit together again. Not when Dean was still so important to save the world. And not when Sam was the biggest threat to the mission and therefore to the world. Especially with Lucifer on his tail, talking to him in his dreams and the big possibility that he might say yes and end the world. Not when Dean already had a partner, who was much better than Sam. There was only one thing left to do one last thing he could do for his brother.

He had his things packed within minutes. He was efficient, life on the road had taught him as much. The only thing he left was his phone. He didn’t want to be tracked. He would miss the pictures on it though. But there was no going back this time. He left his key at the front desk and stepped outside into the cool night air.


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  • Birthday Wish

    Just wanna wish a belated happy Birthday to thecassdemon2, hope the day was great! On a sadder note I am sad at the recent events in the…

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