Fanart, Fanfic masterpost

This entry is to collect my fanart and fanfic in one place. Fanart is mostly public, but some of the fics may be friends locked. Though some are public and on FF.Net as well. Other profiles (FF.Net, Twitter etc...) can be found in the links section on the sidebar. Feel free to look around and say hi, I won't bite I promise. ^.^ Feel free to add me or snag something you like, comments and credits are much appreciated, though not really necessary.

List of art will consist of tags depending on what the artwork it is, you should see the entries with the types of artwork. Also, NOTICE that the videos have been taken down due to me being paranoid, copyright issues, after what went down last year. Sorry guys. :(

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Happy Easter!

Just wishing my flist a very happy Easter! Hope you all have a great one. :)

We already ate the ham and eggs not wanting to wait for the mass, dinner has been delicious. It's been awhile since I have been around certainly. I don't really have the time to play in the fandoms, grandma and housekeeping take most of the time up. Hope everyone's doing well.

Merry Christmas!

Sorry for disappearing from LJ, I am busier over at Twitter and Tumblr actually (well that and RL is also quite busy), anyway wanted to stop by to wish everyone on my flist a merry Christmas since I don't know if I will have the time later, hope you all have a wonderful time!

Also heard that the second Padababy was born, congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple, a true Christmas baby I see. ^_^

Jared Birthday Trending Party at Twitter Pimpage

Hi flist, pimping ahoy again. ^^ A friend of mine, @JaredLover2013 at Twitter, she doesn't have an LJ, is organizing a Twitter Trending Party for Jared Padalecki on his Birthday and wants to let people know and spread the word. Full information is at the top of this tumblr here no need to have an account there to see it. If you have Twitter join the fun and spread the word. :)